DIT CIT PGDIT (Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology) Course In 03035530865 (Rawalpindi, Peshawar) 03035530865

PGDIT (Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology) Course In 03035530865 (Rawalpindi, Peshawar) 03035530865

PGDIT (Post Graduate Diploma in Information Technology) Course
Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology will be able to: work effectively in multicultural teams and exercise leadership as required, engage in rigorous intellectual analysis, critique and problem-solving. The course will suit candidates looking to extend and update their knowledge in advanced computing subject areas, and provides an excellent retraining opportunity for professionals who wish to move to a new IT specialty. The graduate diploma builds on the foundation of the graduate certificate and coursework undertaken from the graduate diploma may be counted towards the requirements for the Master of Information Technology. The Postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology is aimed at IT professionals and recent graduates (domestic and international) wishing to undertake a longer programme of study that covers a wider range of subject areas, in order to prepare for further study or to assist with obtaining a more senior position in an IT or IT business related place of employment IPATS is affiliated with SDA, TTB, TTPC, SDC & PSSC Government. 

PGDIT Course Contents:
1:A sound knowledge of the IT environment and its effective management
2:The ability to analyse the needs of business and make recommendations for IT services and systems
3:The ability to advise on, develop and implement innovations leading to a more efficient use of resources within a dynamic IT environment
4:The ability to relate to and communicate effectively with personnel and clients having diverse backgrounds
5:The motivation for continued learning and self-development to cope effectively with change
6:An understanding of the legal, regulatory and ethical frameworks of the IT sector
7:Managing ICT Projects and Systems
8:Business Analysis
9:Web Application Development
10:Special Topic
11:Software Development
12:Database Design and Implementation
13:Human Computer Interaction
14:Systems Administration
15:Information Systems in Management
16:Advanced Networking
17:Professional Skills for Information Technology

Computer Professional Networking Course In 03035530865 (Rawalpindi, Peshawar) 03035530865
Computer Professional Networking Course
Computer Networking course in Pakistan,Computer networking specialists install, inspect, secure and troubleshoot networked computers within an organization. They might operate a help desk, provide physical duties or monitor for internal and external threats. Becoming a computer networking specialist typically requires extensive knowledge of network management.Computer networking course in Rawalpindi.
Computer Professional Networking Course Content: 
1:Introduction to computer networks

2:The lowest layers

3:Local Area Network

4:Wide Area Networking

5:Data Communication Technology

6:Internet Protocol suite :The network layer

7:Internet Protocol suite :The transport layer

8:Internet Protocol suite :Application layer protocols

Civil Surveyor Course in Bagh, Kashmir, AJK In 03035530865 (Rawalpindi, Peshawar) 03035530865

Civil, Road & Land Surveyor Course
Surveyors and Civil engineers remain in high demand as construction booms in the world. civil engineering and land surveying so you can jump into this exciting field with both feet. IPATS GOVERNMENT REGISTERED EDUCATION ZONE Civil Survey Institute is a premier provider of surveying, construction, Government of Pakistan. All the trainings we provide in the field of civil are totally practical and professional. We have Qualified, experienced and well trained professional teachers.
Course Outlines of Civil & Land Surveyor Course:
1:Introduction Civil Surveyor
2:Classification of survey
3:Civil Serveyor
4:Principles of survey
5:Chain survey
6:Plotting of chain survey
7:Compass survey
8:Bearing system
9:Drawing Scales
10:Types of scales
12:Technical terms
13:Purpose of Leveling
14:Plain table survey
15:Methods of plane table survey
16:Adjustment of Levels
17.Total Station Practical Training
18.Auto Level / Theodolite Training
19. GPS Practical Training
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IPATS Government recognized Education Institue RawalpindiCourse In Islamabad
Institute of Professional and Technical Studies (IPATS ) Head Office: 2nd Floor, Yasir Plaza, Near Chatri Chowk, Khanna Pull, Qadeer Road, Rawalpindi, Islamabad
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Diploma in Manufacturing and Product Design Course In 03035530865 (Rawalpindi, Peshawar03035530865
Diploma in Manufacturing and Product Design Course

All modern economies need industries that are innovative in product design and efficient in the manufacture of these products. In turn, these industries need people who are knowledgeable about product design and manufacturing processes. This course will give learners a detailed understanding of manufacturing and product design by covering topics such as what design is, how to use models in product design, bringing ideas from concept to prototype to production, using the product design specification, manufacturing processes such as casting, forming, cutting and joining, surface engineering and optical materials engineering. 

Manufacturing and Product Design Course Contents:
1:Design and Designing
2:Models of the Design Process
3:Introduction to Manfacturing Processes
4:Manufacturing Processes
5:Product promotion
6:The design process
7:Conceptual Design
8:Case Study in Design and Innovation
9:Writing a business plan
10:Writing a design brief
11:Research and design sustainable objects
12:Assess environmental impact of design

Diploma in Education Planning and Management Course In 03035530865 (Rawalpindi, Peshawar) 03035530865
Diploma in Education Planning and Management Course
The Department of (EPM) offers courses of study in the professional areas of Educational Planning and Management which are aimed at producing a cadre of professionals for educational institutions and organizations of the country for all levels of planning and management jobs.

Course Content of Education Planning and Management:

1:Teacher Education in Pakistan
2:Foundation of Education
3:Educational Research
4:Curriculum Development and Instructions
5:Education Psychology
6:Basic Concepts of Educational Planning –I
7:Basic Concepts of Education Planning-II
8:Process of Educational Planning
9:Curriculum Planning and Evaluation
10:Economics and Financing of Education
11:Development Education
12:Planning for Population Education
13:Educational Research and Statistics

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Contact Office: 03219606785, 03035530865, 0331-5145601, 0349-5021336
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