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Revit MEP Electrical Course in Rawalpindi, Islamabad In Islamabad (Rawalpindi, Peshawar) 03035530865
Revit MEP Electrical Course in Rawalpindi, Islamabad
Revit MEP Electrical explores BIM Concepts and leads the user through the basics of designing and modeling electrical systems within an intelligent, integrated Building Information Model (BIM). Users will learn how to use the powerful tools within Revit MEP to design, model, and make construction documents relating to the electrical distribution systems used in commercial buildings. Students will learn the recommended workflows and basic skills required to navigate Revit MEP and use its tools to create and modify Electrical systems.

Revit MEP Electrical Course Contents:
1:Understand basic skills in Revit MEP
2:Complete an electrical system within a BIM model, validating the integrity of the design
3:Complete construction documentation to correspond with the building model
4:Set up, import, and link projects with Revit MEP
5:Use the parametric 3D design tools to design and perform analysis
6:Collaborate with architects and engineers on projects
7:Create project schedules
8:Create construction documentation

Civil Surveyor Course in Jhelum, Dina, 03035530865 Kharian In Islamabad (Rawalpindi, Peshawar)
Civil, Road & Land Surveyor Course
Surveyors and Civil engineers remain in high demand as construction booms in the world. Civil Surveying Engineering Technology will give you the skills to work as a qualified technician in civil engineering and land surveying so you can jump into this exciting field with both feet. Civil Survey Institute is a premier provider of surveying, construction, engineering, and environmental training services to public and private sector. We have affiliations from TTB, TTPC, SDC, PSSC Government of Islamabad. All the trainings we provide in the field of civil are totally practical and professional. We have Qualified, experienced and well trained professional teachers.

Course Outlines of Civil & Land Surveyor Course:
1:Introduction Civil Surveyor
2:Classification of survey
3:Civil Serveyor
4:Principles of survey
5:Chain survey
6:Plotting of chain survey
7:Compass survey
8:Bearing system
9:Drawing Scales
10:Types of scales
12:Technical terms
13:Purpose of Leveling
14:Plain table survey
15:Methods of plane table survey
16:Adjustment of Levels
17.Total Station Practical Training
18.Auto Level / Theodolite Training
19. GPS Practical Training

Diploma in Quality Control (QC) Course In Islamabad (Rawalpindi, Peshawar) 03035530865
Diploma in Quality Control (QC), QC Inspector Course
QC Course in Rawalpindi, Qc inspector Course in Rawalpindi, QA/QC/TQM Course in Rawalpindi, Quality control (QC) is a procedure or set of procedures intended to ensure that a manufactured product or performed service adheres to a defined set of quality criteria or meets the requirements of the client or customer.Quality Control training courses can help you learn processes to monitor and maintain quality. Find course listings and member discounts, Piping & Welding inspector course is a blend of essentials of Piping knowledge, welding fundamentals & Quality control inspection ISO 9001:2008 Certified Institute for Design & Development of Courses in QA QC , QMS, Industrial Safety (HSE), Piping. Quality control (QC) is a procedure or set of procedures intended to ensure that a manufactured product or performed service adheres to a defined set of quality criteria or meets the requirements of the client or customer. QC is similar to, but not identical with, quality assurance (QA). QA is defined as a procedure or set of procedures intended to ensure that a product or service under development (before work is complete, as opposed to afterwards) meets specified requirements. QA is sometimes expressed together with QC as a single expression, quality assurance and control (QA/QC).

Quality Control (QC) Course Outline:
TQM Principles
Statistical Process Control (SPC)
TQM Tools
Quality Systems

Quantity surveyor course in Rawalpindi, QS Course In Islamabad (Rawalpindi, Peshawar) 03035530865
Quantity Surveyor course in Rawalpindi, QS Course 
The Advanced Diploma in Quantity Surveying will give you an excellent and effective start to your career as a professional Quantity Surveyor. The course is designed to help you become a highly skilled professional. Quantity surveying is primarily centered on construction and the management of the costs and budgets of large projects. From the moment a plan is drawn until a large construction project has been completed, a quantity surveyor is likely to be involved in a legal, technical and financial capacity. The functions of a quantity surveyor are broadly concerned with the control of the cost on construction projects, the management and maintenance of the budget, valuations and any legal matters arising through the course of the project. They are required to make sure that the project remains profitable and efficient. The course content provides you with a thorough knowledge, and the essential skills and talents to work as a successful Quantity Surveying professional who will play a key role in multi-million dollar projects. IPATS Government of Islamabad.

Quantity surveyor course Contents:-

1:Fundamental of Engineering Drawings
2:Construction and Civil Engineering Technology I
3:Construction Scope of Works
4:Construction Materials
5:Method of Measurements & Quantity Take-off
6:Tendering and Procurement Process
7:Construction Contract Law
8:Cost Planning and Control
9:Architecture and design appraisal
10:Professional development
11:Computer-aided design
12:Value engineering
13:Feasibility studies
14:Planning law
15:Risk analysis
16:Value Engineering
17:Construction Claims and Dispute Resolution
18:Industrial Training
19:Report Writing and Presenting Skills

Civil Lab Technician Practical Course in Rawalpindi (Rawalpindi, Peshawar) 03035530865
Civil Lab Technician Course in Rawalpindi, Civil Lab Technician Practical Training in Rawalpindi
Civil Lab Technician Course in Rawalpindi, Civil Lab Technician Practical Training in Rawalpindi, Material Testing Course in Rawalpindi, Civil engineering is one of the oldest engineering disciplines because it deals with constructed environment including planning, designing, and overseeing construction and maintenance of building structures, and facilities, such as roads, railroads, airports, bridges, harbors, channels, dams, irrigation projects. A Civil Engineering Laboratory Technician carries out a wide range of sampling and testing of civil construction materials, both in the laboratory and in the field. Civil technology is the field of drafting, cartography, traffic technology and the analysis of construction materials to support construction, engineering, and architecture for roads, bridges and other public structures. Materials testing, measurement of the characteristics and behavior of such substances as metals, ceramics, or plastics under various conditions. The data thus obtained can be used in specifying the suitability of materials for various applications e.g., building or aircraft construction, machinery, or packaging. A full- or small-scale model of a proposed machine or structure may be tested. Alternatively, investigators may construct mathematical models that utilize known material characteristics and behavior to predict capabilities of the structure. Materials like concrete, asphalt and bitumen are used for civil engineering applications all over the world.

Course Outline of Civil Lab Technician Course:
1. Soil Section Testing
2. Concrete Section
3. Aggregate Section
4. Asphalt Section
5. Bitumen Section
6. Cement Section
7. Steel Section


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